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Friday, September 30, 2011

These are some swaps I got at my demostrators meeting last sunday. They are so nice!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is Here!!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Can you believe is already fall? This is a very exciting time of the year for me. I get inspire by all the beautiful colors and textures we have around us at this time of the year. Right now I am working on some Halloween and Thanks Giving projects and very soon I will be posting pictures of many nice projects for the Holidays. I will be updating my blog weekly. Please come back and visit soon!
Just in case you have not noticed, this is a bilingual blog; some projects are in English and some in Spanish. Pretty soon I will be doing an English video tutorial for Halloween projects.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cajita de regalo con flor
Caja de manualidades (kraft Gift Box) 124106 Pg. 15 del catalogo mini
Cartulina: blanca (whisper white), y verde olivo (old olive)
Papel decorativo: Flores de cerezas (Berry Blossom) 122350 Pg. 185
Perforadoras: Circulo 1.1/4' - 119861, borde de encaje (lace ribbon border) 122362 Pg. 211 Dimensiónales 104430 Pg. 206
Diamantitos (basic rhinestones) 119246 Pg. 198
En el video no tuve tiempo de hacer las tarjetitas que están en la foto. Las hice para que hagan juego con la caja y las personalicé con la inicial de la persona a quien se la daré de regalo. Para las tarjetitas use: Cartulina blanca, Papel flores de cereza
Perforadora de circulo con escalopes 1 3/4 - y Circulo 1.1/4' - 119861
Estampas: Alfabeto broadsheet 120585
Tinta: Limonada afortunada (lucky limeade)
Para ver el video oprima aqui

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tarjeta de cumpleaños con nuevos productos

Cartulina: blanca (whisper white) , violeta primoroso (wisteria wonder) y verde olivo (old olive)
Papel decorativo: Berry Blossom
Tinta: Limonada afortunada (lucky limeade)
Estampas: Deseos de cumpleaños (anfitriona)
Perforadoras: Circulo 1.1/4' - 119861, circulo con escalopes 1 3/4 - 119854 y borde de cinta con escalopes - 119275
Placa impresora de alto relieve - Borde de tulipanes - 121809
Cartulina blanca - 8.1/2' x 4.1/4'
Cartulina violeta - 4.3/8' x 3 1/8'
Papel decorativo - 4' x 2.1/2'
Vea el video de este projecto aqui

Tarjeta de cumpleaños con banderines

Cartulina: blanca (whisper white), verde olivo (old olive)
Papel decorativo: Berry Blossom
Tinta: Negra
Estampas: Pennant Parade - 122740 y Create a cupcake - 121915
Perforadoras: Petite pennants builder - 122361, Ovalo grande - 119855, ovalo con escalopes - 119856
Cartulina verde olivo - 8.1/2' x 4.1/4'
Cartulina blanca - 5.1/4' x 4'
Papel decorativo - 5' x 3.3/4'
Vea el video de este projecto presionando aqui